Aches And Pains interfering with your riding pleasure?

  • Energy not as good as it used to be?

  • Do you feel like all your pistons aren’t firing anymore?

  • Is your belly starting to hang on your tank?

  •  Been drinking a bit more… Need some liver support?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, the well-oiled biker has solutions for you. 


Who Is The Well Oiled Biker?

Craig Muzard:   A biker for over 50 years, he definitely was one of those guys that took better care of his bike than of his body. Six years ago, Craig had a wake-up call when he received a cancer diagnosis. With the help of a holistic cancer coach, he started on healthy eating while detoxifying his body and making various lifestyle upgrades. In addition to becoming and staying cancer-free, he has experienced far more energy, a 30-pound weight loss, better brain and gut function, far less sick time and far more riding time.  At 69, he not only has more energy than he had at 59 but also far more energy than some of his younger riding companions. 

Although pretty skeptical at first, essential oils and related supplements played a big role in his health renewal. He now has a simple but effective daily health regime, far more natural options when any health issues arise and even a travel-size kit of certified pure therapeutic grade oils that provide non-toxic solutions to support his healthier biker lifestyle on the go.

Life certainly took some unexpected turns for Craig. He never imagined embracing such a healthy lifestyle and he never imaged that his amazing cancer coach would, years later, become his significant other: aka his biker chic.  (That is a great romance story to share at another time!). With Susi’s support, Craig has become the Well-Oiled Biker and now he’d like to help you become one, too.

Susi Roos: a registered nurse for 40 years with training in functional diagnostic nutrition, holistic practices, integrative cancer coaching and essential oils. Susi has been showing people for decades how to harness their body’s innate healing abilities. Essential Oils are an integral part of her approach as these amazing gifts from Mother Nature provide so many health benefits while being easy to self-administer.


Several years ago, when she began enjoying the biker lifestyle with Craig, Susi realized the need to create that healthy lifestyle on-the-go.  After witnessing the less-than-ideal state of health of many of Craig’s biker friends, she became committed to helping others to not only stay on their bikes longer but to do so with more ease and pleasure. She'd love to help you, too.

Below, you will find the two things we believe are most helpful for bikers: The Biker Essentials Kit and Road Ready (Vitality for the Long Haul).  To learn more  about essential oils in general and about the many more ways we are helping people, visit our main website at

The Biker Essentials Kit

The Biker’s Essentials: Healthcare travel kit

Travel kit of natural solutions for common ailments while on the road. 

This is a great way to easily and effectively  address 

  • stomach issues
  • sunburn 
  • headaches
  • sore muscles
  • pesky insects
  • minor injuries and burns 
  • and more 

These are non-toxic, effective products that provide more than symptomatic relief. They actually support your body’s healing. 


Road Ready: Vitality for the long Haul

A set of foundational supplements to support health, endurance, and anti-aging. This best-seller item, also known as LifeLong Vitality, contains:

  •  a whole-food multi-vitamin/mineral providing what our diets (even healthy ones) no longer are able to provide

  • An omega fish oil critical for heart, brain and joint health

  •  A powerful antioxidant blend for your brain and body that helps turn back the body clock, improve mental functioning and decrease pain

  • Other optional supplements personalized to your specific health goals or challenges

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